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Ropack Launches $9 Million Class 100000 Dedicated Facility

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Ropack Launches $9 Million Class 100000 Dedicated Facility

Montreal, Canada – May 17, 2011 – Ropack, provider of contract manufacturing and packaging services to the global pharmaceutical and consumer health-care industries, today began stick-pack production in its new 15,000-square-foot dedicated manufacturing suite.  The nearly $9 million facility provides uni-dose packaging of solid oral dosage in four Class 100000 clean rooms, each ensuring low relative humidity (20%), controlled temperature and controlled residual oxygen to 4%.

In addition to state-of-the-industry equipment and technology, the Ropack team has considered every detail to ensure product integrity. For example, mechanical rooms are positioned so that there is no interference from outside elements. Flow of product and personnel assures cleanliness and efficiency. Strict procedures and documentation are followed to maintain the highest standards.

“We have taken every step to ensure that our new dedicated suite far exceeds what is available elsewhere to our clients,” says Yves Massicotte, Ropack’s President and CEO. “It is our goal to be the top North American facility for stick-pack production and packaging of all humidity- and temperature-sensitive products.” Ropack’s project manager, Patrice Joly, agrees. “We have taken extraordinary measures to protect our clients’ products and the people who use them.”

Stick-packs — slim, tube-shaped packets approximately the size of a stick of gum, have significant consumer acceptance in Europe and Asia.  Ropack is taking a primary role in advancing stick-packs in the North American market. “Stick-packs are a convenient and highly marketable packaging option, so we are enthusiastic about spearheading efforts in North America,” says Paul Dupont, Director of Business Development. “I believe we can provide the pharmaceutical and consumer health-care industries the highest level of quality and efficiency in stick-pack packaging.”

The new production suite is part of Ropack’s 250,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing, packaging, warehouse and distribution space. In addition to stick-packs, Ropack is equipped to perform standard and cold-form blistering, encapsulation, bottling, sachet filling, syringe assembly, clinical trials and blending.

The launch of the facility occurs during Ropack’s 35th anniversary.


Ropack is a contract manufacturing and packaging solution provider for the pharmaceutical and consumer health-care industries, offering turnkey primary and secondary pharmaceutical packaging services of solid oral dosage.  Ropack operates ambient and refrigerated warehousing space, providing temperature-monitored distribution services to wholesales, representatives, physicians and clinical study sites in Canada and the U.S. Facilities are cGMP compliant, Health Canada certified and hold an FDA site license.

In the dedicated production suite Ropack is able to:

  • Handle initial R&D
  • Manage stability programs
  • Manufacture commercial production
  • Create sales and marketing samples
  • Perform scale-up

Benefits of stick-pack:

  • High degree of fill accuracy
  • Fill weight range: 0.2g to 4g subject to actual product properties, density and flow characteristics (results dependent on actual fill trials)
  • Content preservation, with a shelf life up to 24 months
  • Product differentiation
  • Ideal sample option
  • Eco-responsible, due to reduction in paper and foil usage
  • High-quality film available, from 7 micron to 12 micron foil barrier, provides zero MVTR and OTR
  • Marketing surface on individual stick-packs ideal for messaging and instructions