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Primary and secondary packaging to enhance product protection and patient compliance.


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Stabilizing potency, sustaining efficacy and ensuring a robust shelf life are the core of our solid oral dosage packaging services. Our 40+ years of packaging experience, state-of-the-art facilities and skilled, cross-trained staff make us the outsource partner of the most-respected organizations in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.


bottle_moreWith ample available capacity, Ropack Pharma Solutions provides the efficiency of five bottling lines with quick changeovers, online validated fill accuracy and the flexibility to accommodate small lots to commercial runs for the bottling of tablets, capsules and powders.

  • HDPE, PET, Glass
  • Total capacity: 36MM
  • Available capacity (at 75% saturation): 4.2MM (100 ct bottles)
  • 50 ml to 500 ml bottles
  • Induction seals and permaseals
  • Safety seal with body band
  • Rayon coil, cotton or desiccant
  • Serialization ready 


blister_moreOn seven blister lines, Ropack Pharma Solutions brings exceptional technology, integrated processes and deep-rooted expertise to Rx and OTC products packaged in blisters.

  • Thermoformed
    • PVC, PVC/PVDC, PVC/PE/PVDC, Aclar Rx, Aclar VA7300
  • Cold Formed
    • Aluminum/Aluminum
    • New: Uhlmann BEC 300 Blister/Carton line
  • Two laser blister tooling fabrication stations for shortened timelines and reduced cost
  • More than 6,000 tooling parts in inventory
  • Senior-friendly and child-resistant blisters
  • Serialization ready 


sachet_moreRopack Pharma Solutions is equipped to produce sachets in a range of fills, including powder, liquid/cream and solid dosage fill of one or two different products per sachet.

  • Single or double sachets
  • Total capacity: 55MM
  • Available capacity (at 75% saturation): 30.5MM
  • Filled under nitrogen; under controlled humidity
  • Solid fill: one or two different products per sachet
  • Powder unit dosage fill: 2g to 150g
  • Liquid or cream unit dosage fill: 1ml to 70ml
  • Serialization ready 


Ropack Pharma Solutions is committed to be your trusted manufacturing and packaging partner. Outsource your pharmaceutical or nutraceutical products to us with confidence.

  • A unique International Serialization Hub
  • 400+ cGMP cold storage locations
  • cGMP-compliant facilities totaling more than 241,000 sq. ft.
  • Temperature- and humidity-controlled facilities
  • Three level 9 security vaults with biometric access for controlled substances
  • Controlled substance management
  • Dedicated project manager